2018-19 Slovenia Football Shirts

From the founding of Slovenia, the state has won qualifications for two finals of FIFA World Cup finals. Until now, the team has not qualified for the further stage of competitions. For many die-hard football fans following the Slovenia national football team, it’s a perfect manner to support the team by collecting new jerseys. They choose white, blue and red colors to show homage to their national flag. The adjustments of color schemes shock most football fans of the national football team. Now, the football team takes green and white into the color schemes. For changed meaning of new color schemes, most of the football fans reject to put on the white and green football shirts. Finally, color scheme has been returned to original elements for strong opposes from crowds.

For Slovenia national football team, white is the main color while Nick provides the team almost all they needed. Because of no fixed stadium, the Slovenia national football team play here and there. It is the reason that most football fans could wear football shirts to show their support. As the upcoming of numerous qualifiers, tournaments and friendly fixtures, football fans should seize up opportunities to show support to their favorite football teams.

There are some obvious characteristics of the 18-19 Slovenia home football shirt:

Material: Polyester

Raglan Sleeves

Dark Blue Collar

Gradient sky-blue curve pattern

Dark blue Nick Swoosh

White base color

Sky blue tape on back collar

Breathable fabric

The crest of Slovenia national football team is embroidered onto the left chest; in the opposite position, the dark blue Nick Swoosh is printed onto the right chest. Against the predominant white base color, the round collar is outlined with dark blue stripes, forming a simple and leaving a cool impression to people. The gradient sky blue pattern on the front adds a motion touch to the concise shirt. Except for the sky blue tape on the back collar, the whole back is solid white without any redundant accessories.

The 2018-19 Slovenia away football shirt features a rough similar design when compare with the home jersey. Bu there are some differences. Different with predominant white home jersey, the Slovenia away football shirt adopts dark blue as the base color while printing with gradient pattern on the front. The light blue Nick Swoosh and white crest of Slovenia national football team is printed and embroidered onto right chest and left chest respectively.

Two short sleeves feature subtle pattern and lighter blue. The raglan sleeves allow football players could perform their best in pitches. In addition, the whole back is printed with blue in different tones. More expert knowledge and experience are used in manufacture process of Slovenia football jersey. It is the Dri-FIT technology that a light-weight and durable is created. To keep you cool and dry, the new home football shirt is made from 100% polyester. Besides guarantee in providing high-quality football kits, we cut many middle men to reduce unnecessary cost, lowering prices of our products as soon as possible.

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2018-19 Japan Away Football Shirt Grey

After unveiling of Japan away football shirt, Adidas, along with Japan national football team, published the new Japan football kits for all competent Japanese football players. In retrospect to all images of Japan away football shirt, the new grey shirt has been delivered in the strongest of styles. After Mali and Ukraine, Japan becomes the next nation who has taken away colors prior to forthcoming friendlies.

The inspiration of the new football kits is derived from streetwear scene of Japan. The kit is adorned with bold graphic and V-shaped collar, which is outlined by white stripes. The white piping means celebration on important moments in footballing history of Japan. On the basis of respecting its footballing history, designers also add modern innovation to the grey away football kit. We hope to see more football players could put on new away shirts to pledge allegiance to their favorite football team on and off pitches with smudged face-paint.

We would like to appreciate the football shirt in detail. Before specific analysis about its design concept, here are some obvious characteristics of the new football kits.

Grey base color

Japan crest

Japanese flag

Red Adidas logo

V-shaped neckline

Subtle pattern

Symbolic three stripes

Diamond pattern on back

Solid grey back


Climalite technology

The Japan crest is stitched on left chest while red Adidas logo, across from its crest, is woven on right chest. For the purpose of displaying patriotic feelings to Japan national football team, a small patch similar to Japan’s flag is printed above its team crest. The double-layer collar features a light grey piping and a visible white one.

Aiming at getting more comfortable football shirts, Climalite technology is used in manufacturing special moisture control fabric. The new technology is benefit to keeping footballers cool and dry, dedicating to football playing on pitches. Excess perspiration could be evaporate from your body. It is the smart attribute that all footballers could stay in comfortable status.

In order to provide more excellent services to all customers, all products of our website are sourced from and dispatched by manufactures. In many cases, customers will place their order after shopping around, because they hold that all products from our selection are cost-effective and high-quality. Besides guarantee in providing high-quality football kits, we cut many middle man to reduce unnecessary cost, lowering prices of our products as soon as possible. All products on our website are Thai version rather than authentic products. Please do not place your order if you would like to purchase authentic products.

Besides the above referred football shirts, there are also various football kits and peripheral products. Die-hard football fans could get new football kits from our selection, showing their support to popular football teams. Please contact us if there is any problem when you place your order. We will response you as soon as possible when we receive your E-mails. Please place your order without hesitation. You can save a sum of money after purchasing products from our selection before the deadline of our flash sale.

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2018-19 Panama Away Football Shirt White

Different with Panama home football kit, the 2018-19 Panama Away Football Shirt is predominately white. Before the approaching of 2018 FIFA World Cup this summer, it is high time that customers purchased the white Panama away football shirt. For the 2018-19 season, the New Balance published the new away football kit for all footballers of “Los Canaleros”. They will put on the latest design this summer in Russia. The slogan for the new Panama home shirt is “The one you will keep forever”, which is the most suitable slogan for a team that will contend in the World Cup finals. The inspiration of the 2018 home shirts is derived from the wings of the national bird of Panama – the Harpy Eagle.

Some detail information about the new football kits from our selection are as follows:

Chevron pattern on front

V-shaped neckline

Blue stripes on shoulder panels

Red New Balance’s logo

Unique new team crest

Blue and red accents

White base color

Rectangular subtle pattern

Word “Panama” on back

Raglan sleeves

Designers endow the football kits patriotic feelings and confidence in winning football games. The color scheme is consistent with that of Panama national flag. In the way, people could find more spiritual legacy from the history of the Panama nation. The two blue short sleeves take the place of traditional sleeves with two raglan sleeves, which allow footballers move with more freedom. On the front of the new Panama away football, the chevron pattern is consists of numerous subtle rectangular, forming big “V” on the front.

Such chevron design adds some modern appearance to the top. Popular red outlining are used into the design of two short sleeves; “Panama” on the back is also printed in red. The red New Balance’s logo and new team crest are stitched to right and left chest respectively. In addition, the word “Alcanzamos Por Fin La Victoria” is printed on inside of the neck, displaying the patriotic feelings to all people.

The new football kits, manufactured by NB Dry technology, is helpful to keeping all footballers cool and dry. Perspiration on the surface of your skin could be evaporate in short time. Besides the new technology, New Balance also spares no efforts to reduce the weight of football kit, contributing to faster movements of football players on football pitches. With the assistance of new technology and light-weight fabric, football players could dedicate to football games, excluding the interferences from outside world.

Please contact our customer service staff if there is any doubt. After we receive your E-mail, we will reply you as soon as possible. After shopping around, many customers will choose to place their order, because of high-quality football shirts from our selection and low prices. Please place your order without hesitation. Do not miss the great opportunity to get your favorite football shirts. We will meet all needs of customers as much as possible.

In addition, we also provide customized services to all customers when needed. Customers could designate the preferred numbers and names, so that we could create a unique football shirts or football shorts for you. Then, some could pledge their allegiance to their favorite football teams.

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Red 2018-19 Panama Home Football Shirt

In recent days, the new 2018-19 Panama football kits are unveiled by New Balance and Panama national football team jointly. The slogan for the new Panama home shirt is “the one you will keep forever”, which is the most suitable slogan for a team that will contend in the World Cup finals. The new football kits will become classic shirts in the history of the team. In the historic summer, New Balance is the supplier of the Panama national football team. The underdog football team will put on the red Panama football kits this summer.

For the purpose of creating unique football kits for Panama, New Balance launched an event at the Hotel Riu to collect innovative ideas from numerous football fans. Countless die-hard football fans were invited to the landmark building in the history of Panamanian football. The inspiration of the 2018 home shirts is derived from the wings of the national bird of Panama – the Harpy Eagle.

The white and blue accents on the shirt follow the color scheme of its national flag. The white opening line of the national anthem exists in the inside of neck. The opening line is often interpreted as “We finally reached the victory”. It’s a high time that die-hard football fans purchased the new football kits to pledge allegiance to the Panama national football team. The new football kit is also a necessity for some loyal football fans.

Finding inspiration from the national flag of Panama, the home football shirt features white and blue details both on the front and back. The textured background is a pixelated chevron print, which adds more energy to the whole design of the shirt. Now, I would like to introduce more detail information about new Panama home football kits. Before detail information, main characteristics of the kits are as follows:

Chevron print

Red base color

White New Balance’s logo

Two short sleeves

Rectangular subtle pattern

Shield-shaped team crest

Word “PANAMA” on back

100% polyester

The New Balance’s logo is noticeable against predominately red background, which is stitched on the right chest, across from the new Panama team crest. Taking pride of place, the new team crest is consists of several colors, such as blue, white, black and white, etc. The unique collar is outlined by white stripes, attracting attentions from all people who looked at the shirt.

The word “Panama” on back embodies patriotic feelings to the Panama nation. Besides, the inside of the neck features words “Alcanzamos por fin la Victoria”, meaning “We finally reach victory”. The national anthem also includes the word.

For the purpose of providing comfortable and cool football kits, NB Dry technology is used in the manufacturing process of the kit. Moisture on the surface of your skin could be discharged in short time, leaving you cool and dry. The highlight of our online store is we could provide bespoke service. Customers could designate numbers and names to get a unique football shirt. Please be assured to purchase the new football kit from our selection.

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