2018-19 Slovenia Football Shirts

From the founding of Slovenia, the state has won qualifications for two finals of FIFA World Cup finals. Until now, the team has not qualified for the further stage of competitions. For many die-hard football fans following the Slovenia national football team, it’s a perfect manner to support the team by collecting new jerseys. They choose white, blue and red colors to show homage to their national flag. The adjustments of color schemes shock most football fans of the national football team. Now, the football team takes green and white into the color schemes. For changed meaning of new color schemes, most of the football fans reject to put on the white and green football shirts. Finally, color scheme has been returned to original elements for strong opposes from crowds.

For Slovenia national football team, white is the main color while Nick provides the team almost all they needed. Because of no fixed stadium, the Slovenia national football team play here and there. It is the reason that most football fans could wear football shirts to show their support. As the upcoming of numerous qualifiers, tournaments and friendly fixtures, football fans should seize up opportunities to show support to their favorite football teams.

There are some obvious characteristics of the 18-19 Slovenia home football shirt:

Material: Polyester

Raglan Sleeves

Dark Blue Collar

Gradient sky-blue curve pattern

Dark blue Nick Swoosh

White base color

Sky blue tape on back collar

Breathable fabric

The crest of Slovenia national football team is embroidered onto the left chest; in the opposite position, the dark blue Nick Swoosh is printed onto the right chest. Against the predominant white base color, the round collar is outlined with dark blue stripes, forming a simple and leaving a cool impression to people. The gradient sky blue pattern on the front adds a motion touch to the concise shirt. Except for the sky blue tape on the back collar, the whole back is solid white without any redundant accessories.

The 2018-19 Slovenia away football shirt features a rough similar design when compare with the home jersey. Bu there are some differences. Different with predominant white home jersey, the Slovenia away football shirt adopts dark blue as the base color while printing with gradient pattern on the front. The light blue Nick Swoosh and white crest of Slovenia national football team is printed and embroidered onto right chest and left chest respectively.

Two short sleeves feature subtle pattern and lighter blue. The raglan sleeves allow football players could perform their best in pitches. In addition, the whole back is printed with blue in different tones. More expert knowledge and experience are used in manufacture process of Slovenia football jersey. It is the Dri-FIT technology that a light-weight and durable is created. To keep you cool and dry, the new home football shirt is made from 100% polyester. Besides guarantee in providing high-quality football kits, we cut many middle men to reduce unnecessary cost, lowering prices of our products as soon as possible.

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