Japan National Team 2018 Home Player Edition Jerseys

Politics and national sentiment aside, Japan’s fast-growing soccer has been a model for Chinese soccer since the 1990s. For jerseys players, the existence of the Japan national team jersey with its heart in mind design has always been quite “special”. Every World Cup jersey Adidas has worn for Japan’s national team since its debut in 1998 is a classic. With samurai blue on the verge of his sixth World Cup appearance, Adidas is preparing a new home kit for the Japanese national team, called Katsu. Hopefully the New Jersey, which showcases Japan’s traditional culture and desire to win, will inspire the samurai blue to perform well at the World Cup in Russia. This issue of “new appreciation” and you enjoy the Adidas Japan national team 2018 home players version of the jersey. Hereby, I would like to express my special thanks to YOYO football equipment for providing product shooting. EZer who is excited about YOYO football equipment can go to buy it. Compared with other Adidas national team jerseys derived from the classic jerseys in history, Adidas’ new home jersey for Japan’s national team, known as the blue warrior, does not follow the idea of taking materials from the classic jerseys, but integrates traditional Japanese culture into it. Instead of the traditional samurai blue, the New Jersey has an indigo-blue look called “Katsuki,” which is more understated and traditional than the national team’s home kit. The players’ version has a slimmer cut that accentuates body lines, so it is smaller than the fans’ version. But because the version that domestic sells USES the size slants big Europe code, because this is in, choose and buy according to the size that oneself weekday wears, buy can. As can be seen from the official warm-up poster before the release of the jerseys, the inspiration for the new home jersey of the Japanese national team themed with “Katsu” is still from ancient Japanese samurai, which can be illustrated by the image of a warrior wearing Katsu armor in the poster. The indigo color, known as katsu, was a popular men’s color in Japan from the Heian era to the Kamakura era. Especially in Kamakura’s time, people (especially warriors) associated indigo with victory, making it a lucky color symbolizing victory.


The new home kit for the Japan national team is in the same colour and is expected to be worn by players like the warriors in their Armour to win next year’s World Cup in Russia. The front of the shirt is streaked with white stitches that make it look more like a costume from ancient Japan. Of course, many Japanese fans have joked that the indigo blue look of the New Jersey, combined with white pinstripes, looks like a whale shark. As to resemble ancient dress after all or whale shark, depend on your imagination entirely. The new JFA badge, made by 3D hot pressing technology, is added to the left chest of the players’ version of the jersey, and the hero of the badge is naturally the three-legged golden bird with one foot on the football. A Japanese flag was added to the crest, as was the case with previous Japan football shirt. In addition to the appearance of the jersey with traditional Japanese cultural colors, the details of the jersey are also full of traditional Japanese cultural elements.

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