Red 2018-19 Panama Home Football Shirt

In recent days, the new 2018-19 Panama football kits are unveiled by New Balance and Panama national football team jointly. The slogan for the new Panama home shirt is “the one you will keep forever”, which is the most suitable slogan for a team that will contend in the World Cup finals. The new football kits will become classic shirts in the history of the team. In the historic summer, New Balance is the supplier of the Panama national football team. The underdog football team will put on the red Panama football kits this summer.

For the purpose of creating unique football kits for Panama, New Balance launched an event at the Hotel Riu to collect innovative ideas from numerous football fans. Countless die-hard football fans were invited to the landmark building in the history of Panamanian football. The inspiration of the 2018 home shirts is derived from the wings of the national bird of Panama – the Harpy Eagle.

The white and blue accents on the shirt follow the color scheme of its national flag. The white opening line of the national anthem exists in the inside of neck. The opening line is often interpreted as “We finally reached the victory”. It’s a high time that die-hard football fans purchased the new football kits to pledge allegiance to the Panama national football team. The new football kit is also a necessity for some loyal football fans.

Finding inspiration from the national flag of Panama, the home football shirt features white and blue details both on the front and back. The textured background is a pixelated chevron print, which adds more energy to the whole design of the shirt. Now, I would like to introduce more detail information about new Panama home football kits. Before detail information, main characteristics of the kits are as follows:

Chevron print

Red base color

White New Balance’s logo

Two short sleeves

Rectangular subtle pattern

Shield-shaped team crest

Word “PANAMA” on back

100% polyester

The New Balance’s logo is noticeable against predominately red background, which is stitched on the right chest, across from the new Panama team crest. Taking pride of place, the new team crest is consists of several colors, such as blue, white, black and white, etc. The unique collar is outlined by white stripes, attracting attentions from all people who looked at the shirt.

The word “Panama” on back embodies patriotic feelings to the Panama nation. Besides, the inside of the neck features words “Alcanzamos por fin la Victoria”, meaning “We finally reach victory”. The national anthem also includes the word.

For the purpose of providing comfortable and cool football kits, NB Dry technology is used in the manufacturing process of the kit. Moisture on the surface of your skin could be discharged in short time, leaving you cool and dry. The highlight of our online store is we could provide bespoke service. Customers could designate numbers and names to get a unique football shirt. Please be assured to purchase the new football kit from our selection.

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