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In an interview with the Guardian, Jonny Williams refreshed his desire to put on Wales football shirt once again. Brand-new Wales home jerseys are manufactured by Adidas in a clean colourway. Against the predominant white colour, the home jersey features some green and red detailing. Three signature stripes are woven to shoulders. Subtle horizontal stripes cover the whole shirt. The green manufacturer’s logo and emblem of Wales squad are embroidered on the right chest and left chest respectively.

wales football shirt

wales football shirt

In addition, the round collar is outlined with a thin strip, forming substantial differences with the white jersey. At the top of back collar, a mini national flag is printed, showing homage to the team.

Since making the hardest decision in his football career, it has been two weeks. Having experienced five loan spells at Crystal Palace, Williams left the football club for Chalton permanently in the end.

In spite of 55 football matches for the club, the young footballer aged 25 contributed his part to promotion in the Premiere League. Besides, he also witnessed Wale’s semi-final lost to Portugal at Euro 2016. For the sake of serious injuries, he missed an important role in Sunderland, which inclined to avoid relegation from Championship last season. The only impression of him is his debate whether to buy a pet to dispel loneliness.

He could not accept that cameras exist everywhere, like dressing rooms, physio rooms. Sometimes he will neglect their existence and be himself. Nevertheless, these videos will come out in documentary. Some people may feel it’s great to see true footballers. It’s obvious that the 25-year-old football player didn’t impress the most people by striking performances in pitches. He has to combat with setbacks and struggled to get rid of loneliness. It’s frustrated to tide over these challenges and difficulties. There would have been a great chance to save the relegation while he got injured at the critical moment. It was massive blow for himself.

The fact is disappointing for him, because he really wants to do his best for the team, but he could not it. Last summer, Williams came back to Crystal Palace in hope. At that time, his contract will expire one year later. His appearances in the Premier League for Palace kicked off a win over Watford in 2013. Under Ian Holloway and Tony Pulis, he, after 2o years old, has played for the squad for nine times as a substitute in the following season. Then he got injured in football matches, not the last time.

Then he was loaned to Ipswich twice, Nottingham Forest and MK Dons, replacing other footballers three times in the league ahead of his departure. In more than six seasons, Williams owned 222 wonderful minutes in total. However, is there a real chance for him?

Some believes that he hasn’t won a real chance. Some owed such conditions to his injuries while he didn’t think so. In many times, he hasn’t been selected when he was fit. Only thing he could do is putting his head down and preparing for next opportunities.

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